Help bring this project to life!

We are all shaped by the experiences of our lives. The places we go, people we meet and lessons we learn.

Rewilding's goal is to provide access to rich life experiences. We want to share these opportunities with those who have little access currently. We have partnered with transition programs in NYC who work with formerly incarcerated individuals to provide such opportunities. Opportunities to travel, adventure, engage with diverse communities and ultimatly diversify their collection of excpeirnces, ideas, feelings, and belifes.

Recently we took Anthony DeJesus on a 7 week adventure across the Westerne United States. The impact on Anthony and us all was huge. We filmed it all and are now in post production editing our feature film. This film will show just how powerful the types of experiences we are talking about can be. Our plan is to use this film as a launchpad for the Rewilding Retreat. Here we will host many more adventures for many more formerly incarcerated individuals.  

With your support we will edit an amazing film and continue on this path to share Rewilding experiences!