from prison cells to mountain tops

help us cross the finish line (Watch videos)

Main points:

After 2 years of work and $166,000 invested we are reaching out to you the public, our friends, family and supporters asking for your help in getting across the finish line. 

- We’re 10 weeks and $12,000 (6 weeks and $6,500) shy of the finish line.

That amount is needed to pay specialists for color correction, audio mixing, music licenses, and animation.

The film is being used as a tool to attract attention and support to the Rewilding program.

The Rewilding program’s focus is offering transformational journeys to formerly incarcerated individuals.

We have partnered with 6 transition programs and are positioning ourselves as one of their tools


Donation Options


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Checks under $500:

Not tax deductible.

Written to: Rewilding.

Mail to: 2590 Dartmouth Ave, Boulder, CO 80305


Checks over $500: 

Are tax deductible through our 501(C)3 fiscal sponsor.

Written to: Whole New Directions.

Mail to: 2590 Dartmouth Ave, Boulder, CO 80305