Matt Stan is a Denver-based documentary filmmaker.  Over the past 15 years, Matt's career has taken him to five continents - including Antarctica.  He's been commissioned by the National Science Foundation, the Federal Bar Association, major universities, and private companies.

Matt's work focuses on telling compelling stories through first-person interviews.  “I love exploring unexpected answers to the question ‘Why?’  I don't think there's a better communication medium for seeing the world from someone else's perspective than documentary film.  Getting an audience to really dive into a different point of view is what fascinates me most.”

Matt founded his production company, Upend Media, in 2011.

Doug Metzger


Doug Metzger (IMDB Link) has been involved in the production of feature films and television for 37 years. Doug was honored with the Outstanding Directorial Achievement Award from the Directors Guild of America for his work on Dances with Wolves. Some of the other films he has been a part of include: The Italian Job, Wonder Boys, Aspen Extreme, Without a Paddle, Leap of Faith, City Slickers, Under Siege II, and White Fang.

Doug has produced, directed or been the assistant director on over 35 feature films which combined have a total gross of over 1 billion dollars worldwide. He has worked on studio films with budgets above $90 million and independent films with budgets as low as $3.5 million. Doug’s television experience runs the gamut from MiniSeries to TV Movies, Pilots and TV Series. He has also been involved in commercials and award winning music videos throughout his career.

In the past few years, Doug has formed C.O.W. Music, a Nashville Music Publishing Company, and THE Group, an Independent Film & TV Production Company. Doug has been looking for a documentary project with a meaningful and compelling message and story. He has chosen this project to be one of his first documentaries where he will act as producer.

Jesse Spiegel

Creator, Producer 

Jesse is one of the main characters of the film. Jesse has been involved in business startups for the last 12 years, and has launched and run 5 companies. Jesse and one of his companies were featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal in 2007. 

Jesse was originally from New York City. An avid rock climber he fell in love with Colorado at a young age and moved there at 18 for college and the mountains. He graduated from business school at the University of Denver. In 2012 Jesse sold his main company and spent the next two years traveling the United States, South America and Europe looking for adventure and his next project. He is currently working on the development of an alternative living education center/retreat based in Colorado with a location in Patagonia. 

Jesse’s experience in business planning and launch is extensive. While this is his first film, his business experience has been transferable to the planning and execution of film and production. Jesse is a visionary, who marches to the beat of his own drum and knows how to plan, execute and get things done.

James Edward Mills

Associate PRODUCER 

James’ career as a journalist and an independent media producer spans more than 20 years. He specializes in telling stories about outdoor recreation, environmental conservation, acts of charitable giving and practices of sustainable living.

James was the Co-Writer and Co-Producer of the ward winning documentary, An American Assent, which chronicles the journey of the first African American team to summit Denali. James is also the author of the book, The Adventure Gap, which examines the reasons minority population’s utilization Americas wilderness areas less often, as well as the benefits of recreation, adventure, and solace in our wilderness spaces.

James is currently a contributor to several outdoor focused print and online publications including National Geographic Adventure, Rock & Ice, Alpinist, SUP Magazine, Paddle Sports Business, Sporting Goods Business, Elevation Outdoors, Women’s Adventure, WEND Magazine, The Clymb, High Country News, Park Advocate Magazine, Land + People and Sierra Magazine.

Vitek Linhart

Creator, Associate Producer

Vitek Linhart, from the Czech Republic and now a Boulder Colorado resident is also one of the main characters of this film. Once a pro skier, Vitek has a degree in physical education and years’ of experience working as a ski instructor and outdoor educator. With this background and expertise Vitek has lead the planning and strategic development of the trips educational and inspirational activities.

Having come a long way from his beginnings in a small village in Czech to where he finds himself today (Boulder, CO), Vitek is especially well-suited to relate to someone leaving the big city for unknown adventures in foreign places.




Currently Suzanne runs a grassroots organization called Frack Free Colorado, which she and three others built from the ground up. Frack Free Colorado is funded by Patagonia Co. They have been one of the major forces that has rallied to keep fracking out of Front Range cities in Colorado. Through this experience, Suzanne has honed her natural communication skills, become an highly effective project manager, learned how to organize people, build a social media following, raise money via grants and donations, run media campaigns and build a social movement.

As a highly effective project manager and experienced developer of new projects, Suzanne has many skills that she has and will continue to be able to apply to the production of this documentary.

Ben Schaefer


Ben is a self made Cinematographer with a passion for outdoor adventure projects. Six years of video production expeirnce have shaped his life as a filmmaker. At the age of 19 Ben co-founded his first production company Composition Collective.

Ben’s lust for adventure has driven him to focus on projects that share the natural world. Ben is also A time-lapse and stock footage guru, with a thirst for cinematic shots.