What We do!

Rewilding works with formerly incarcerated individuals offering opportunities to participate in transformational outdoor adventures. We are positioning ourselves to be one of the tools available to re-entry/transition programs. We seek to assist these programs efforts to support their clients, reduce recidivism and provide individuals with direction and hope for the future. 

Course Discription

Our program is focused around outdoor adventure activities including mountain climbing and backpacking. During an outing Rewilding participants will venture into wilderness areas accompanied by experienced outdoorsmen of a similar age range. Together they will work as a team to overcome challenges. Participants are pushed to realize their greater potential. Our curriculum improves integrity, self- esteem, responsibility, decision-making abilities and communication skills.

Rewilding Philosophy

Rewilding is a peer to peer program. We invite adults over the age of 21 to join other adults over the age of 21 to go on an adventure together as peers.  Under these circumstances trust is built. Honest communication is developed. Groups work as a team to make decisions, solve problems, overcome challenges and achieve goals. In this way successes are a result of the collective teams efforts, and thus gratification and pride for that success is earned and shard by all.

Program Facilitators

Jesse Spiegel is one of the founders of Rewilding as well as one of the program facilitators. As an adventurer Jesse has been climbing for 25 years. He has traveled the globe climbing and leading adventures in some of the most technical terrains.

In his professional life Jesse graduated from the University of Denver with a degree in Business. Since graduating Jesse has started and operated five separate businesses. In 2007 while living in China one of his busiensses earned him an article on the front page of The Wall Street Journal. After selling this company Jesse started the Rewilding program in 2015.

Vitek Linhart is one of the founders of Rewilding as well as one of the program facilitators. Once a pro skier and runner, Vitek has a masters degree in physical education and years’ of experience working as a ski instructor and outdoor educator.

With this background and expertise Vitek has directed the planning and strategic development of the programs educational and transformational activities and tools.


We are interested in working with organizations that support formerly incarcerated  individuals as they make the transition back into their community. If your organization would like to discuss the possibility of working with Rewilding please click the button to get in touch.