Friends of Island Academy

Mission Statment: We strive to break cycles of incarceration by providing opportunities for growth to high-risk young people involved in the City’s justice system. We harness positive development practices to champion the strengths of our participants as they overcome obstacles and transform their lives and communities for the better.



SoBRO address all aspects of community development including: local businesses development, job training, creating affordable housing, youth education and development as well as providing support programs for young adults who have recently been released from jail.

Harlem Commonwealth Council

Mission: To stimulate the economic development of Harlem, Upper Manhattan, and Bronx through the creation of enterprises, generation of jobs, and the education of residents.

Included in their services they offer transition programs for young men who have recently been released from jail.

The Osborne Association

Mission: Offers opportunities for individuals who have been in conflict with the law to transform their lives through innovative, effective, and replicable programs that serve the community by reducing crime and its human and economic costs. They offer opportunities for reform and rehabilitation through public education, advocacy, and alternatives to incarceration that respect the dignity of people and honor their capacity to change.

Future Now

Future Now was created in 1998 on the campus of Bronx Community College to promote the educational and vocational development of disenfranchised young adults. Future Now enrolls nearly 500 students annually. About 65% of those enrolled have been involved in the court system, reflecting the program’s founding mission and on-going recruitment efforts at Rikers Island jail.

Exodus Transitional Community

Exodus was built on the notion that individuals released from prison cannot successfully re-enter mainstream society without resources to support their transition. Exodus has served over 7,000 men and women and has become one of the most successful re-entry programs throughout the country developing and providing programs and resources to assist on this transition process.