Into the unknown we must go!

In 2009, I fell in love with an American woman who was traveling through my home country, The Czech Republic. Soon after meeting, we decided to travel around Southwestern Europe in a Euro van. It was one of the most inspiring times of my life. The trip exposed me to a world of possibility; we explored new countries, people and cultures and each day felt new and exciting. It opened something up in me that had always been there; a desire to explore the world in order to more fully know myself.

Growing up on a farm in the Czech was amazing. I’m really close with my mom and brother and the love that we share made it difficult to leave. But deep down, I felt like I was in a cage. So when this American woman invited me back to her country, with excitement and fear, I said yes. 

When my American love and I split, it was the true test of my courage. I was alone in a foreign country. My uncertainty about what I was doing here, and who I was were big and looming. I decided I’d open myself up to new connections and after a little bit of time, I met my “American Family.”  They took me in and and loved on me during a time when I really needed support in order to grow and transform into who I am today. The love that I have with this family has been the foundation for everything else.  

The day that we picked up Anthony from New York city in our van, I thought so much about this time in my life and how it felt to leave home and explore the unknown. Anthony and I bonded over this. I knew that the most important thing that we could give to Anthony during this journey was our unconditional love. In times of change, having a steady source of love is the most meaningful thing anyone can give to you. 

Anthony became a part of our family and the growth that we all experienced in 2 months was extraordinary. The activities and adventures that we embarked on were amazing, but above all else, it was the love that made all the difference.

Photo by: Matthew Stan

Photo by: Matthew Stan